Jul 20, 2020

Monday July 20th Chicago ~

Monday is a state of mind.  Put on
 your positive pants and get things done...

Hopefully today we will see this mess 
all gone.  Someone promised to come and take
 the remaining items we have listed for sale. 
 Fingers crossed that this is the case.  

If so, we will be heading home sooner than 
expected.  Sniff is waiting for us. I can picture
 him relaxing on his bed, waiting for his foodies.

It been some long days.  Moving is never fun,
 even when you do it as often as Arvid and I.  It actually
 gets harder and harder every time.  It's amazing how
much stuff one accumulates.  Today we will
 also be giving away a lot of it hopefully.

A new week begins.  Looking forward to going
home already.  I miss Sniff and I miss home.
 Happy day to all.  An early start awaits us.

You may have to fight a battle more than once
 to win it. Monday sets the tone for the week...