Jul 17, 2020

July 17th Chicago 😍 ~

Sometimes we need the fog to remind ourselves 
that all of life is not black and white 😁...

And no, I did not manage to go back to sleep 😩, but I
did enjoy the morning so far.  Too much caffeine as well.

Our mornings are mostly on the foggy side.  Since we
have been here the fog has not really cleared always
during the day, but today hopefully it should.  Even with
the fog, I see the beauty of the city and its enchantment. 

 It kept us coming back since 2006 πŸ™Œ.  That 
was the first year we came to Chicago.  That was
 the year that settled our fate.  We fell in love with 
Chicago and nothing has changed.  We still love it.

Fog or no fog, there is no denying its charm. 
 As they say, beyond the fog lies clarity.

Arvid and I have been busy.  Packing and dismantling.  
As always we say, more like he says, "We will never
 move again.  I'm getting too old for this."  But Arvid says
 that every year.  I stopped listening.  I go with the flow.  
With Arvid you can never be too sure what comes next.
One thing for sure, life is always interesting πŸ‘«

Good morning to all.  It's Friday and for those not 
affected with COVID, it's even better.  As they
 say in Puerto Rico, es viernes social 🍻.

Always remember, your focus determines your reality...