Jul 27, 2020

Monday July 27th ~

You have to fight through some bad 
days to earn the best days of your life...

I thought it was bad enough being in Chicago and
 having to use our masks all the time.  In North Carolina
 at least you can come out of the house go to your car, go for
 a walk and not have to be using the mask.  Yes, you have
 to use it in all public establishments, and that was OK.

We come back home to Fort Lauderdale, and 
it seems as if in the span of 2 weeks it got even worse.  
So we do have to wear the mask as we leave our
 apartment, but we can take it off in the garage. 
 Could not do so in Chicago.  Crazy world.

The signs are all over the city now.  More than ever.

Now as we drove around a little yesterday in 
the city I have noticed more and more people are 
wearing their masks.  Seems like not everyone feels 
safer using them.  Do they help?  I don't know,
 I do know we also use them all the time.

Ordering take out, not the same now.  Everyone is
 masked up and I think many like it.  I hate it.

The "crap" we brought from Chicago is slowly 
"disappearing"  Not even sure where everything is, but
 at least it's packed away somewhere, and no we have not 
opened many of the boxes nor suitcases as yet.  Then we
 would really have a problem finding a spot for everything.

If you look πŸ‘€ really good you can see all the 
stuff scattered all around the living room and the
 bedroom.  That I will deal with today, and hopefully 
find where to put it all.  One can always hope πŸ˜‰

Monday here again.  July is soon over.  
This pandemic is just getting started.  Life has 
sure changed and I am not liking it at all.  
Check out Arvid with his gloves.

It broke my heart seeing my parents and not 
being able to give them a hug.  We did it for their 
protection.  I hated, hated leaving and not hugging
 my mom and dad.  Horrible feeling😒, but we 
did it because it was the right thing to do.

Always hoping for better days to come.

There are more glorious days ahead, this 
should be your joy for today. Bad days always
 promise a better day tomorrow...