Jul 14, 2020

Entering The Windy City ~July 14th

Hold on we're going home...

Nothing is the way it used to be.  Long gone are
 the "good old days"  Today the new norm is here and
 it seems it's here to stay, at least for some time.  

We're driving because we chose not to travel 
in a plane and for some other reasons.  At first
 glance all seemed "normal" but then every so often 
this is what you see.  Pretty soon everyone coming 
from Florida will be banned from everywhere.

Back in Fort Lauderdale, you don't see just about
 everyone walking around with masks in all public places.
  Here in Chicago just about everyone is wearing a mask.  Could
 that be why there are so many less cases compared to Florida?

The streets are now covered with people wearing masks.

A lot of work awaits us the next few days.  We have
 rented out our apartment in Chicago and I have listed 
everything for sale on FB Marketplace among other sights. 
 I have been bombarded with requests to purchase the items. 
 Now a request and a sale are not the same thing.

Almost home.  This view keeps us coming back.

We are soon home.  Tired, but happy.

Home is not a place it is a feeling...