Jul 12, 2020

Hello Sunday ~ July 12th

On Sundays we do nothing 😎 well almost nothing...

Sunday.  A lot to do before we leave for Chicago. 
 As always the day begins with calls to Norway. 
 Makes for a good start.  Soccer on already, so 
Arvid's attention is between the call 📞 and 
the game.  Just a typical happy Sunday.

Had to make a run yesterday to, yes my favorite 
outing. Needed a few things for the road trip.  One can
 never have too many snacks is how I see it 🍎

We are all getting really fed up with the mask.  
Everywhere you go, you gotta mask up.  Not happy times
 at all.  Hopefully soon we will see better days.

It would be a treat today to just pick up, and go 
to one of our favorite restaurants, but because we 
are being extra careful, that we won't be doing 🍕.

To all a great day.  This will e a little busier than 
usual Sunday for us.  All things considered, busy is
 always good.  Already missing that little face.

On the bright side, we will see my parents on
our way back home to Florida.  Happy for that.

Let's do what we love and do a lot of it 😛...