Jul 26, 2020

Busy Days ~

Stay busy.  If you keep your grind 
right, it will keep your mind right...

For some days until we get it all sorted out, 
we will be living in "chaos" again.  Our home looks
 like it has been bombed.  Unfortunately, I know the 
feeling too well.  Arvid and I are what you might 
call constant movers😬. Not sure where to put
 all the stuff we brought from Chicago.  

Yesterday morning I was awake way to early trying
 to figure out what to do and where to put stuff. 

I was very happy to see my mom and dad.  
Arvid and I surprised them with a 50" TV.  Was worth it.  
Made my mom super happy.  Arvid set it up and we all
 watched a few movies.  Was a very good time  

It was and always is very peaceful in North Carolina.
  When we got back to Fort Lauderdale we both looked at 
each other and said, "wow, this sure looks like a battlefield".

I can't help but miss them.  On the other hand very
 grateful for the time spent with them.  Short but good.  
At least I have seen my parents 3 times for this year πŸ™Œ.
  Arvid has not seen his mom since summer of last year 😒

It's already been a busy day.  Still so much to pack
away, and now Arvid is back with his Puerto Rico πŸ‘€
 fascination.  I am just waiting to see how this unfolds.

Hello Sunday.  Hope the day is as good for you and
I am sure will be for us.  We are home, so that is
 already a good thing.  No place like home.

Always gotta keep busy or the voices
 start telling me to do wild things...