Jul 28, 2020

Tuesday July 28th ~

When a new day begins dare to smile gratefully...

Arvid says every so often he has very blurry vision.
  I say he watches too much TV and stares at the TV 
screen and his laptop too much.  Whatever the reason, 
he feels that wearing sunglasses at night while 
watching TV will help with his "problem"

There are strange people, and then there is Arvid 😁
And by the way, nothing is wrong with his eye, but being 
an adult male, well that says it all.  Extremes are called for.

Sniff is taking it easy and so happy that we are 
back home.  He continues to follow Arvid around more 
than ever and hardly leaves him alone.  At nights 
Sniff is all cuddled up next to us.  Love 💓💜

Nothing spectacular planned for today, but even so, it is 
a beautiful day and I am sure we will have a good one.  

Wishing everyone a happy and safe day.  There are
 so many beautiful reasons to be happy today.

If you cannot do great things, do small things 
in a great way. Give everyday the chance to
 become the most beautiful day of you life...