Jul 20, 2020

Life According To The New Norm ~ Chicago Days

 Things may never go back to normal. 
 You may need to create a new normal...

Looking out from our balcony and I see one of my favorite ships.

The Pirate boat is out and everyone is out enjoying the Lake.

Even the duckies were out enjoying
 this warm Chicago summer day.

The sea levels are rising at an alarming rate.  
Once we were able to walk on this platform, 
now the water levels are so high that everyone 
uses it as a launch pad.  All having a good time 
making the most of what is there.  Happy life.

This is the new way of life.  Masked people everywhere.

Now it's weird when someone passes you and does not have on a mask.

Not liking this new norm one bit.  I hate wearing the mask. 

My new normal is to continually get used to new
 normals.  It's a crazy world we live in today.  It is
 constantly changing 😲😲as to what we think is, and 
Chicago's rules are much stricter than Fort Lauderdale.

Since this pandemic has begun specifically 
since mid March, Arvid and I have not eaten out at
 a restaurant.  Here in Chicago we had to go to one of 
our favorites.  I will say, though the food was
 good the entire experience was not πŸ˜’πŸ˜©.

Change is only scary when it become 
your new normal.  Keep going...