Jul 2, 2020

Thursday July 2nd ~

When life gives you many reasons to be negative
 think of all the reasons to be Positive.  There 
is always someone who has it worse...

Stocked up again for the week ahead. 
Better days are soon here again.  One can always hope.
 I'm thinking positive always. •πŸ™Š Happy Happy.

I do like going to the grocery store.  I do not mind Arvid
 not coming with me.  In fact I prefer it that way.

For now it's the only outing I have on my own πŸ™‹.
 Hopefully soon it will be more and more okay to go
 places.  The malls are open.  I do not need anything, but
it's always nice to just walk around and browse, but with
all the new cases popping up again, I will be holding
 off for some more time.  Again.  This is getting old.

Right now Arvid and I should have been in Norway
visiting with family.  Thank you COVID.  You
 ruined our trip to Norway for this summer ☹️

Here at home, we continue to enjoy long walks, when the
 weather permits, lots of TV time and of course the balcony.  Can't
complain at all.  Yesterday we walked,  in spite of the heat.

Wishing everyone a happy day.
 Another heat wave day awaits us🌞.

Every cloud doesn't have a silver lining
 but making time to look at the beauty of 
clouds can give you peace of mind...