Jul 30, 2020

And Life Goes On ~ July 30th

Slow down, relax, take it easy, enjoy life...

San Juan, Puerto Rico — Tropical Storm Isaias 
battered Puerto Rico on Thursday morning as it continued
 on a track toward the U.S. mainland, unleashing small
😒 landslides and causing widespread flooding and 
power outages on an island still recovering from 
previous hurricanes and ongoing earthquakes.

My sister Nirvan is in Puerto Rico.  Again all alone.
 Just about a week ago Kimsy left for Connecticut.  
Due to COVID, Kimsy was home in Puerto Rico since 
March.  Yes, a weekend getaway for her turned 
into an almost 5 month stay in Puerto Rico. 
 Not that she was complaining. 

Kimsy was home with her mom and her dad in
 Puerto Rico and she got a job researching cures 
and vaccines for COVID.  Not bad at all.

Soon we will be getting soaked by tropical storm 
Isaias.  Just another summer day in paradise🌴
If you are a Floridian, you go with the flow.

Other than this not much more happening.  COVID
 continues to dominate the news, but now with tropical 
storm Isaias, who knows?  Something new in the horizon. 
 For all you know it might wipe out COVID 😁🀷

Good morning everyone.  We patiently wait to
 see what the day holds.  The highlight is takeout today, 
Sniff and to see how the new exaggerates everything. 
 Life is good and it sure is time for it to get back to a 
semblance of "normal"  We just have to wait and see. 

Hope is seeing light in spite of
 being surrounded by darkness...