Jul 29, 2020

Pandemic Times~😬

You are braver than you believe, and stronger
 than you seem, and smarter than you think...

Many businesses are still booming even with the 
pandemic.  Construction is still going on in the 
🏠 downtown area of Fort Lauderdale  If the
clientele is there or not, that's another story. 

 Not so long ago I read that more and more people
 wanted to move out of the downtown area and into
 the suburbs.  Why?  Because with this  pandemic most 
people have had to work from home.  A new norm now.

Many say they prefer not to be in the city because 
of the traffic, noise and other stuff.  They would rather
 buy something in the suburbs, work from home and
 enjoy peace and tranquility.  Of course not everyone 
feels that way, but many do.  To each their own.

Good morning everyone.  The helicopters are already
 hovering over our area.  Looking for another criminal
probably.  Since COVID has surged here in Fort
Lauderdale/Florida, the crime rate has escalated.

Every night on the news you hear of someone 😲
murdered in Fort Lauderdale.  Crime is not unusual
here in South Florida, but to see so much violence,
 murders close to home is something else.  Hopefully
 one day things will be better again.  Has to right?🀷

The things you can see only when you slow down...