Jul 16, 2020

July 16th Chicago ~😛

You're always one decision away 
from a totally different life...

Life in Chicago is very rigid right now.  Here there is a
 no nonsense policy.  Unlike Fort Lauderdale, where
 it is still OK to walk around in public places such 
as parks without a mask, here it is not allowed.  

I do not like this one bit.  Just to go to the grocery 
store we have to mask up from the time we step out 😡
our apartment until we step back in.  No leeway at all.
That's what a trip to the grocery store looks like 😷.

This is not the Chicago we as we know it.  With all 
the restrictions imposed to Floridians 😬, we can hardly 
go anywhere.  You just have to stay in and that's it. 

 Hopefully today we will go for a walk.  Yesterday 
the weather was not great so that was not possible either.

A fresh new day is here.  Lots to do again. 
 Staying busy is best.  Time goes by faster.  I'm missing 
my little Sniff and want to go back home to him

I try to keep it real. I don’t have time to worry 
about what I’m projecting to the world.
 I’m just busy being myself...