Jul 25, 2020

Home With Sniff ~ πŸ’™

Where we love is home.  Home that our 
feet may leave, but not our hearts 🧑🧑...

And just like that we are home again  And couldn't
 be happier. There's no place like home. I mean,
 where else can you walk around without
 pants and not break any rules 🏑

I have missed Sniff so so very much. 
 I've grown accustomed to his face ❤️πŸ’™
Love begins at home, and home we are.

Sniff has not left our side since we got home.  He missed
us as much as I missed him.  I love our Sniff πŸ’œ.

If you go anywhere, even paradise,
 you will miss your home...