Jul 3, 2020

Friday July 3rd ~

People wait all week for Friday, all 
year for summer, all life for happiness...

This year it is definitely going to be a different 
July 4th celebration.  Not only here in Florida, but in
 just about the entire USA.  Thank you again
 COVID.  Yet another good time ruined.

Usually we are in Chicago for July Fourth.  We have 
been fortunate to see the fireworks from our balcony.  
This year not so sure if this will happen or not.

 Fireworks can still be viewed as of now in Fort Lauderdale
 from far.  We sure won't be making any extra trips to 
any place to see them.  What I will miss is going out for
 our little celebration drink.  Yeah missing those 
Pina Coladas, and yes I can make my own.

Today we went to the Swap Shop.  As always
 I stocked up on lot of my favorite fruit.

It's going to be a quiet weekend here for us.  No parties.
  No fireworks, no outings.  Thank you COVID.

Here is to a beautiful, hot day.  One thing 
that never fails to stun me, our amazing sunset.

Let's go out into the scorching heat wave to avoid
 frostbite from our office/home air conditioning...