Jul 23, 2020

πŸ’š North Carolina Thursday July 23rd ~

Life is not a problem to be solved 
but a reality to be experienced...

I'm so happy we are visiting my parents, even
 though with this new norm it makes for a little different 
visit.  Arvid and I have been in and out and around people. 
Always at a safe distant, and with a mask 😞. 

 Even so, for my parents' protection we are staying
 6 feet apart when its possible.  As Arvid said "it's for
 their protection more than anything this time."  How
terrible it is to be next to your loved ones ones
 and not be able to give them a big hug.

Mom and dad look good.  The have a beautiful
 home and being there is always peaceful and calming.  
Arvid and my dad did find time to go and explore a bit. 
 We had take out yesterday.  Chicken wings and pizza.  A favorite of everyone. Since this pandemic,
they have not even done takeout πŸ•.

Enjoying time with mom and dad. 
 Grateful and happy always.

So very thankful.  Incredibly grateful.  Unbelievably blessed.
  Gratitude turns what you have into enough 😍😍...