Jul 11, 2020

Hot! πŸ”₯ Hot! πŸ”₯ Hot! πŸ”₯ ~ July 11th

The month of July had turned into a griddle
 where the days just lay there and sizzled...

Scorching heat is what we have been having. 
 Sure wears you out, even when you have not done much. 
 That is how I feel.  We did go for a walk on Thursday, but
 not yesterday.  Can't take the heat two days in a row.

While Arvid maintained himself hydrated with a 
few cold ones , Sniff and I had our own way of staying
 cool.  Watermelon popsicles.  Everyone happy.

We still enjoy time on the balcony even if for 
shorter periods.  Always good and always interesting
 to what people do and what's going on around us. 
 All from the privacy of our balcony.

Our walk the other day was perfect. Though hot,
 the day was beautiful and we had a good time. 
 I always enjoy stopping and taking pictures.  

Sometimes Arvid lets me take one of him, most times 
all I get is his back walking away.  Still makes me happy.

I stay busy trying to get pictures of 2 squirrels and a
 green lizard that live on the palm tree in front of our balcony. 
 Very difficult, but when it comes to getting the right shot
 I find in me patience I usually don't have 🦎.

Arvid and I are getting excited about Chicago. 
 Really he is more than I am.  I am just not happy
leaving Sniff.  I know he will be OK, but still we have
 our routines, and yes I am going to miss him a lot.

Saturday.  In just a few days we will be heading to 
Chicago. I wonder what Arvid's next "obsession" 
will be?  For a while there it was Puerto Rico.  
Right now though, I won't mind a few days 
in Puerto Rico, Isle of Enchantment🌴.

He sure knows how to talk up a storm, but when
 it comes down to reality, I think we are as good here 
in Florida as anywhere else.  No matter where we go 
the virus is everywhere.  Everywhere except NorwayπŸ‘€. 

Running away will never make you free. I just need 
some time in a beautiful place to clear my head...