Nov 6, 2013


I've learned to use meditation and relaxation to handle stress.
Just kidding, I'm on my third glass of wine....

Just when we think Brutus is doing "OK" something happens and throws us into a spin 
all over again.  As far as the paw goes, nothing has changed.  Still the same on and off 
situation as always. This is something we sooner or later may have to accept as unsolvable.

As for now, we are still hoping that another veterinarian may catch on to something.
For that reason, I have decided to take him eventually to another doctor.

What's bothering and stressing us right now is not the paw.  Suddenly that 
has taken second place. It has now been almost 7 days since Brutus has used the 
litter pan and drank water the way he should.  To get him to drink both Arvid 
and I have been doing just about everything.  Why he stopped is a mystery to us.

To compensate for this lack of drinking I have started to give him water with a 
syringe.  7 to 8 squirts at a time.  He hates it, but somehow I have managed
to do it so far.  I only noticed the drastic change on Friday evening.  Of 
course the first thing I wanted to do was take him to the vet, unfortunately
the weekend is not the best for that.  I just could not understand either why 
he was not going to the litter.  Suddenly it dawned to me.  I changed the 
litter.  Instead of buying unscented, I bought the same brand, but with a scent.
Cats, just like many humans hate changes.

Sometimes I start thinking that stress really never ends.  
It just changes shape.

I would like to say thank you for
all the kind people/friends who have been wishing Brutus a
speedy recovery.  Brutus has his own page Brutus FB
and it's very touching to see how kind everyone is/has been
with him through all these difficult times.  We are grateful for you kindness.

Any change, even a change for the better, 
is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts...