Nov 22, 2013

Things Happen... :)

Things happen and opportunities appear most often
when we are moving, not standing still...

Everything is going so good, until my camera fell and now it's broken.  This for me is 
terrible. Everyone who knows me knows that one of my hobbies is to take pictures.  
I take of anything and everything.  Most end up being discarded, but as Arvid says, 
"it keeps you busy"  Yes! It does.  It also makes me happy.

Fortunately I brought a spare camera, but I still prefer my little one to the
big one.  Everyday as usual we go for our morning walk around town.  I take
quite a few pictures and before I knew it, the camera slipped out of my hand
and hit the ground.  When Arvid saw it he said that the camera had expanded from
the heat.  I agreed.  He said I should put it in the fridge to cool down.  I just looked at him.

As a back up I also have my IPhone.  Guess you can say that all is not lost.  The truth
is that without my camera I feel at a loss now just have to figure out what to do
in my limited spare time.  Hmmm....this for me is a big BUMMER!!!

Anyway, we are enjoying ourselves.  We even had a little midday drink yesterday.
Not our usual but felt good and I was happy again.  IPhone worked great to take a few
pictures.  The days are fairly warm, but by 4pm the sun starts to cool down.

This is another of our favorite parts of the day.  It's nice to walk around
the "town", browse in the stores or just sit and enjoy the happy hours
that seems to be going on all the time.  I still and always will find the
dolphins fascinating and can watch them for a long time.  Not so much Arvid.

He loves to listen to his music and to do a little bar hopping.
Either way it's a win win situation and we are both happy.
Brutus is never far from out thoughts.  Both Arvid and I constantly
seem to see Brutus' shadow all over the place.  Stranhe how that little kitty
cat has filled up our lives and no matter where we go we are always wondering
"what's Brutus doing right now?"  Everyday Arvid asks me, "have you heard from Liliana?"
Liliana is his pet sitter, and yes everyday she texts us sends a picture of Brutus.

It's another beautiful morning here.  Coffee time and some reading
while Arvid is still asleep.... Now all that's missing is Brutus.

Have a good day everyone and remember,
seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow.

It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.
Live it well,  for you may not get a second chance