Nov 17, 2013


Nobody is ever too busy.  If they care they will make time...

Usually I am early posting my blog, but today there was too much to do.  Though I was 
awake pretty early, I just got carried away with chores and no time to write a blog.  Now I 
am more relaxed and fairly caught up so it's nice to just sit and relax.  Writing relaxes me and 
the best time is early in the mornings before things get hectic.

As usual Sundays are our so called "lazy" days, but honestly I can hardly remember a Sunday
we did not have a whole bunch of stuff to do.  Arvid for some reason like to leave all the 
"little chores" and the running around for Sunday.  I always try to tell him that he should
just take it easy and concentrate on just doing relaxing stuff and catching up with family.
These are good chores for a Sunday combined with a nice outing somewhere on the water.

Today I was busy making food for Liliana.  She watches over Brutus and is 
always so very kind to him.  We also pay her of course, but I know she does not 
cook often so for me it is no bother to make her a few dishes.  This time she has enough 
food to last her at least 8 days.  I feel good knowing she appreciates it.

Yesterday was a perfect day.   Not so much weather-wise, but we had some
good company with us out at lunch.  We met three new friends and just
had a great time.  Of course I had my mojito again.  Kaluz is the place.
We were actually going to go to Benihana's, but once we got there, 
there were too many kids and noise so we left.

The evening was special in that we went to listen to music at a place
we have not been to before.  Called BB Kings Blues.  Located in West Palm Beach.
The club is in the middle of City Center.  Here I have been to a few times before and
as usual it was beautiful.  Already decked out for Christmas.
The place was hopping with life and activity.  I loved it and can't wait to
go back.  For now I have some packing to do and still some more cleaning.
Wishing you all a good day and remember, if you want to 
be happy, think yourself happy...

My motto is: more good times.
Life moves fast.
You gotta document the good times, man...