Nov 12, 2013

One Of A Kind...

Being one of a kind makes you that much more special, 
being a copy of the next person make you even easier to replace...

We live in Florida where the temperatures are always warm and the pool is 
even warmer.  Every October the heater is turned on for those who still feel
that chill at temperatures of high 80's and 90's.

Yesterday was a quiet day here at home.  Being a Federal Holiday most people
were either visiting family or some other place.  That place was not
by the pool.  This being the case Arvid asked me if I would like to try 
it out for the first time since we have been living here.

We have now been living here over a year and a half.
For us it is not just a matter of, "let's go to the pool"  Nope.  We mainly
Arvid, has to go down, check and see if anyone is around.  As you can see no one,
not a soul was there.  That was already good.  Next thing he does is test/feel the water.

Which he did and decided it was a little too cold for us.  That's was fine
with me also, because like Arvid I like it very warm, especially as you can notice
it was fairly windy.  Gets pretty chilly as you step out of the water.

Well for sure it was not the day for us to try out the pool, but we are getting closer
than ever.  At least we got close enough to realize that we may want to go in.
That by itself is a very good start.

Tuesday morning already.  I can't believe how fast time is
flying by.  Soon the year is almost over.  For now good morning friends.
Remember, be good and you will be happy.

I'm one of a kind, and so are you, 
so don't judge me, until you've walked in my shoes...