Nov 18, 2013

Early Monday Morning...

Doesn't matter when It's always A GOOD TIME
then Doesn't matter, where It's always A GOOD TIME there...

Busy busy morning so just wanted to say "good morning everyone"
Good to get an early start on things, but also very nice to have a 
few moments to myself and just enjoy that first cup of coffee before things get 
too hectic here.  Brutus as usual sitting right next to me enjoying some catnip.

Of course now he is getting a little to riled up and starting to run all over
the place.  Now I have to keep him quiet so Arvid can get his beauty rest.

Hope the week ahead is a good and productive one for everyone.  We are looking 
at a few relaxing days coming up.  Yes a much deserved vacation.
No worries Brutus is well cared for.  His sitter will be with him.
I know she will take as good care of him as we do.  Liliana took care
of him when he was only one week with us.  We had already made 
plans to travel when Brutus came into our lives.  He loves her and she him.

Quite a few things to do before Arvids gets up.  
Wishing you all a good day and an even better week ahead.

Just trust in a good time no matter how long it takes...