Nov 15, 2013

Happy Baby, Happy Day...

Sometimes the things you are most afraid of
are the things that make you the happiest...

Nothing makes me happier than when Brutus is happy.  Today he had a very good day.
Woke up happy and playful wanting to be brushed and chased all over the place.
He also did a lot of chasing himself with his new catnip mouse.

After about an hour he was all worn out and ready to take his first of many naps.
Arvid was busy running around as usual, while I decided to go and do a few of 
the many chores I had awaiting me.  Good day for all of us, until Arvid said to me,
"you're looking a little wild you know"  I knew it was time for a haircut.

Since I only get a cut once every 3 months, I always try to make time to see my 
girlfriend and to check out what's new on Las Olas.  Truth there is always
something new going on.  Needless to say I had a really good time.

Still a little windy the last few days, but temperature wise it's beautiful.
The day was cool and it felt really good to have nice fresh air coming in
rather than having the AC blowing cold air on us, and it's Friday!!

As Arvid says, "the beer is always cold"
Happy Friday Everyone!!

Happiness is when you feel good about yourself
without having the need for anyone's approval...