Nov 4, 2013

New Week.. New Start...

Rise up, start fresh
see the bright opportunity in each new day...

A few windy days, but the weather is just getting nicer and nicer.

The last few days were just very nice to be out on the balcony and watch
the boats go by.  I mean huge boats.. all because of the boat show that
has been going on.  Today is the last day.

The other night as we were coming home from listening to music,
there were quite a few boats passing by the pool area.  Of course I had 
to check them out.  Another week and this one so far looks much more
relaxing than the last few.  Still having a few issues with Brutus' paw.
Debating if to take him to another doctor or wait until he has another big flare up.

Right now he is sound asleep, so for now will not disturb him.

Wishing you all a good day.
Remember, each day holds possibilities for great discoveries and hidden joys.

Each day is a new beginning.
Stay away from what might have been 
and look at what can be...