Nov 14, 2013

Hello Hello...

Every girl has her best friend, boyfriend and true love.
But you are really lucky if they're all the same person...

Beautiful sunsets everywhere you look.
  Yesterday this was taken from the entrance of our condo.

As we were carrying in the groceries, I just had to stop and
get a picture.  Of course Arvid could not understand why.  He was, "why can't 
we just get the groceries in?"  He is not that into pictures.  As I have always 
mentioned, whenever I try to take his picture, he turns away or blocks me.

Does not mean that I don't get a few.  The other day I told him I posted
a picture of him on FB; he was extremely upset.  Told me to take it
right down.  Says that the are just for us and he does not wish to broadcast 
anything to the world.  Guess I have to do as he says...soon.

Yesterday was not such a good day for Brutus.  He woke up feeling sick and
puked and puked.  We both got up with him.  Very worried and hoping
nothing was really wrong.  By the end of the day he seemed better.

Brutus woke us up around 4:40 am with his puking.   It was funny
because I saw Arvid go on his knees looking for puke to clean up.  Remember,
Arvid is not a morning person, so it was pretty interesting to see him on his
knees scrubbing and scrubbing because as he says, "dammit, not the 
place is going to smell and the tiles will be ruined."  I just looked at him,
ignored his ranting and made sure Brutus was doing OK.  In all of his ranting, Arvid
made time to speak gently to Brutus, to pet him, to pick him up and comfort him.
Now what could be better?  The man is a maniac, but he is a kind maniac.

Brutus is back to "normal" today.  Life is always looking
good when he is happy.

Sometimes you will never know the true value
of a moment until it becomes a memory...