Nov 10, 2013

Our Anniversary..

I love you not because of anything you have,
but because of something I feel when I am near you.
Grow old with me.  The best is yet to come...

Thirteen years ago I met Arvid. I will never forget the day. I saw a tall handsome man 
smiling at me and I think I fell in love right away.  His voice, his laughter and his smile 
were the first things that made me realize he was the one.  Arvid is unique and that 
says a lot all by itself.

Twelve years ago today we were married and though we have had a few bumpy moments, 
quite a few actually; nothing would make me change the life we have.  Arvid believe it or
 not, is one of the most romantic men I know.  More romantic than me in many ways.
  He never forgets an important date in our life and always surprises me with
little details.   I think these are the times I love him even more.

He makes me laugh when I don't want to.  He takes me places where I never imagined 
going and he tells me the most wonderful things any woman would love to hear.  
The difference is that with Arvid everything he says is because he means it.  
When he tells me that he wants forever with Brutus and I, I know that I am one
 of the luckiest persons in the world.  His eyes light up and I see love.  

Through the years 
As for me, I adore him.  He is the one I look forward to spending forever with as well. 
 Watching Arvid with Brutus makes me realize that what we have is not so common. 
 We are lucky and we know it.  We appreciate what we have and we always promise 
to never take each other for granted.

I love you Arvid  Hvidsten.  When you came into my life I never thought I was ever 
going to fall in love again.  I was sad.  I was hurting and you changed all of that. 
 For me it will always be you.  Brutus and I love you with all our hears and 
we promise to always be here with you.

He has a way with words I would have never believed.  I always 
(maybe wrongfully), thought that woman were the romantics in relationship,  
but everyday he proves me wrong and I adore him for this.

 Arvid is my second chance in life. 
 One that was unexpected, 
unplanned and totally 

I know that the best is yet to come,
but between us....
everyday is that day

I Love You. That's my secret. No hearts, no pretty drawings. 
No poems or cryptic messages...
I Love You...