Jun 19, 2014

Always Brutus...

Long lasting lessons are 
usually learned at a steep price...

I am sure starting to believe that life does not want a person to get too comfortable 
in one position, meaning that as soon as we start to think that everything is going 
good or more like as good as it will get; something happens to remind us that we
 should never ever  take anything for granted.  Thus the case with Brutus and 
his ongoing paw issues.  For maybe 2 months now everything was stable.  
Not 100%, but as far as Arvid and I go, it was the most 
progress we have seen in over a year. 

Guess we were starting to get "comfortable" with the situation.  Why not?
after all Brutus was happy, running, playing and doing everything a little fur baby
 should be doing.  Our happiness seems to be coming to an end.  During my isolation period,
Brutus started nibbling at the paw.  More like at a specific part of the paw.  Now it is once 
again very swollen and already there are bite marks (bloody) visible.  It is so swollen I feel 
that if I squeeze too much the entire area will pop.  Why it hasn't is baffling.

When it comes to Brutus and his paw I live in a continuous stage of anxiety.
I watch him all the time and we try to make sure everything is always safe for him.  
Yes we baby proofed the apartment for him and yet his paw continues on a downward
spiral.  Why?  That's the question I always ask and the question I have no answers to.

Today once again we take him to the vet.  I know he will not be happy as you see,
but soon we will be going to Norway for quite a long time.  I want to be stress free,
but I know it will not be possible.  We want to make sure Brutus is as "OK" as 
he can be while we are gone.  Who know maybe the doctor needs to do a little invasive
something to draining the paw.  All I know is that when I am not with him, I am stressed.

Sounds crazy, but you see Brutus need a pill everyday and while we were in 
Chicago Liliana was unable to give it to him.  Not only were we stressed, but so was
 Liliana. She called almost crying because she was unable to give it to him and 
knowing how  important it is that he gets it on his scheduled days.

As of now I am just worried.  Worried that we will be gone for such 
a long time and not knowing how Brutus will do.  You see anytime
we travel he acts up and makes it worse.

For now as always we look on the bright side.  He has the best 
medical care.  He has no outstanding medical bills as does Arvid and I.  Let 
me tell you this is something.  My hospital bills have reached to a point where it
it almost impossible to catch up with it.  Don't know why we have insurance because
the bills just keep coming and coming, but I guess we all have our own stories to that.

For now wishing you all a good day 
and may all your troubles be small ones.
Always remember to rise above little things.

Nothing succeeds like persistence...