Jun 26, 2014

Riley..An Original

Hardships often prepare ordinary people
for an extraordinary destiny.  Go Riley...

My sister Rima is a unique person.  Unique in the best of ways and it goes to say that
her kids, all three of them are also a one of a kind.  Arvid and I love them all, as we
do with the other nieces and nephews, but today it's all about Riley their
2nd child.  From the time Riley was born we all knew that he was 
just going to be one helluva boy.  Riley wants to save the
world, one tiny creature at a time and he does.

This was my sister's, FB status yesterday: 
I was talking to Riley last night, who is headed to middle school. 

Out of all my kids, he is the most sensitive. He said, "mom, what do I do? 

I said babe, truth is, not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone will want 
to be your friend.  And that is perfectly  fine. You don't need everyone to like you.
 Being different is privilege  that not many honor. 

If you try to be liked by everyone,
 it means you are not being true to yourself.  It means you are not confident enough to be
 the person you are. Always be kind, treat people with respect, never be mean, but don't change 
for anyone. Stand up for your beliefs even if you are  the only one who thinks that way.
 You don't want people to love you because you melt into the crowd. 
You want people to love and respect you because you never
  compromised your way of being to please anyone. 

And in response, I got the biggest hug .
 And then he whispered....mom, can we have Five Guys? 
Seriously. When did I mention Five Guys??? All my talent is wasted. HAHAHAA

That's my sister in a nutshell.  You can see where Riley get's
his talent from.  Going back in time looking at their pictures makes me
miss them all so very much.  Arvid has nicknamed Riley the Professor.  Be it
for his over sized glasses or just his seriousness.  Whatever it is it fits him to a T.

As I always tell everyone, be yourself  and quit trying 
to be everyone else.  And to quote one of Rima's friend, 
"the world needs more like Riley."  Could not agree more!!!!

Have a good day all and remember just because someone does not 
adhere to the so called "rules" does not mean that it's open season to be mean.
I know, I was a child once.  Same as Riley I was also different.  I know kids can be mean.

I was tough and it never bothered me.  Riley is sensitive so if anyone messes with him
be careful because he has a lot of back up and with a daddy coming from the military,
beware world for Riley is a force you DO NOT want to mess with.
  He is after all my nephew and we love him so.

By the way he had his 5 Guys hot dog and was happy as can be.
He texted me and said auntie Nad, thank you so much for the 5 Guys coupon.

Overcome the notion that you must be regular.
It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary...