Jun 16, 2014

Time To Say Goodbye...

It's time to say goodbye.
Until the next time...

Arvid and I have had a very good time in Chicago, it is after all our favorite city.
That being said I can't wait to get home to Brutus, to see his little face and to pick him up.
If you remember the lat time I was with Brutus, I was in isolation and was not able to touch
him or play with him.  He did mot understand any of this.  When we get home,
 I plan to make up for all of it.  He loves being brushed so he will be getting
 extra long sessions of brushing.

Being in Chicago is always a good experience, but for sure having your
own place does make a big difference.   We were in a perfect location.
Macy's and all my favorite stores were right across the street from us.
The park and all our musical venues were also minutes from us.

Everyday after breakfast I would take a a brief trip to one of my favorite stores
while Arvid relaxed in the room and watched the news or some other show on TV.
We would meet by noon and then do our tour of our favorite parts of Chicago.
Eat at our favorite spots and then do some pubbing or go and listen to music.
When in Chicago music is a must.  Everywhere you go there is music.
We also went to the Farmers Market, one of my favorite things to do
 and yes did stock up on a few of my favorites.

The Blues weekend was a little cold in the beginning but since it was also
World Cup Games going on, we did a combination of both so when we did not
care for an artist we went and watched the game.  Was truly a very good time.
 We both were happy with this arrangement.

Now it's time to go home and we are also very happy.  Not a day would go by
without me missing Brutus.  I asked Arvid if he missed Brutus and he said he
did not want to think of him because then he would miss him too much and would
 want to go home.  We will be in Norway for a long time and I know that
everyday I will miss Brutus like crazy and want to be home with him.
Life sometimes gets  complicated.
The Park and City at night
We love Chicago, but it's not home anymore.  I know we will always come back,
but for now we are ready to go home.  Home is where Brutus is no matter
where we go.. Home is always best.  Home is Brutus, Arvid and I.
 Home is where we will be today.

Home is where the heart is.
Home is where Brutus is waiting for us...