Jun 9, 2014

Making Memories...

The secret of being HAPPY is accepting where you are
in life and making the MOST out of EVERYDAY...

Let's just say I was missed like crazy.  I have come to realize that Arvid does not
  like to do anything anymore without me.  Makes me feel all nice and warm inside.
 I was only away from him for three days, and I have to say he was already bored. 
 That's what he said to me.  Proof were the dozen of roses waiting for me.

We are catching up on all our favorite places.  So far we have been to quite a few.
It feels great to be back in Chicago.  The weather is gorgeous.
We are in the middle of everything so we can just walk.

Every second with Arvid is an adventure.  Just yesterday morning
as we were having breakfast, the toaster stopped working at least I thought so.
But nope, according to Arvid it acts up sometimes so you just have to hold it down
until the bread toasts.  As he was doing this his tea water was boiling so he said,
"damm this is a full time job."  Yes he makes me laugh all the time.  Happiest man I know.

Good morning everyone.  Here is a beautiful Chicago sunrise.

Our days are filled with walking and exploring.  Yesterday we walked so
 much I think I have developed blisters, but don't think I will stop.
So much to see and so much to do.  Here we actually have a vacation.

Wishing you all a good day and remember,
do more of what makes you happy...

I was smiling yesterday,
I'm smiling today and I'll smile tomorrow.
It's simple because life's too short to cry for anything that's worthless....