Jun 3, 2014

One Down, One More To Go...

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.
If you're still believing then you're almost there...

I had my first injection yesterday.  Like with everything, the anticipation building
 up to it was worse that the actual injection itself.  We waited for an hour before
I was called into the room.  Where I was told to drop my pants.  Before I 
knew what was going on the nurse was done with me.  All she said was, "see you
tomorrow, and don't forget tomorrow we do it on the other side."

Just looking at the nurse preparing the shot was driving me nuts.  All I wanted
was to get it over so when she said "you're done" I was, "are you sure?"
Yep, turns out I am brave after all.  No crying, no hysterics. 
Now to do the same today.  Should be a breeze!

Hurricane season has begun here in Florida and so has the rain.
Yesterday it rained all morning, Arvid is "afraid" of the rain so he had to pull out his
 biggest umbrella to protect us from it.  As with most umbrellas I  have seen, once the wind
 blows you are lucky to even have an umbrella.  In our case it was only partially blown away.

Once again I am awake very early.  Today is the second shot, and
by now you all know I am a pro at this.  No more fear for me.
First one went well did not even have a sore butt.

Yes, another good day awaits us.
Wishing you all the same and
may you all live in interesting times.

Remember, if you hesitate you can still go forward.

A bend in the road is not the end of the road,
 unless you fail to make the turn...