Jun 7, 2014

Better Days...

You have to fight through some bad days 
to earn the best days of your life...

No truer word than these that's for sure.  I have just turned another page and though
 it was a little trying at times I always knew that better times were right around the 
corner.  Sometimes we have to endure a lot of hard times to really appreciate the good ones

My 20 days of tasteless food is over.  Ohhh yeah!!  I'm happy and now I 
can't wait to devour everything in sight.  have to say I need to be careful cause
when it comes to food I really don't have control.  I just love food so you can imagine
how difficult this has been for me.  I who eat chicken everyday have not had it in 20 days.
If someone wanted to punish me well they sure knew exactly how to do it, but I'm back!

Hello everyone...

My worst days in recovery are better than my best days in relapse...