Jun 10, 2014

Looking Back...

In looking back, I see nothing to regret and little to correct....

When it comes to Chicago, there are too many good moments to choose one that would
actually be considered a favorite.  For me everything about Chicago is special.
It is where Arvid, Brutus and I have had one of the most wonderful experiences.
Some of our good times are best view through pictures.

One of our first trips to Chicago.  Billy Goat, Navy Pier.  We fell in love with the city.

Sue at The Field Museum.
The largest, most complete, best preserved T. rex 
No dinosaur in the world compares to SUE—the largest, most complete, and the best
preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.  In May 2000, the unveiling of her 67-million-
year-old skeleton at the Field Museum made global headlines.  Since then, more than 16 million
visitors have marveled over Chicago's prehistoric giant.  Arvid and I included.  AWESOME!

Chicago Architectural Tour.
Even Arvid and I take time out to see the sights when in Chicago.  
Why we don't do the same in Florida is something I will never understand.
We took this 75-minute cruise of the historic Chicago River that showcases 
over 40 landmarks of modern American architecture.  Worth doing if you're in Chicago.

We are fortunate that we live in these United States.
Nowhere else I would rather be, and for me Chicago is the place to be.
Yesterday was a day for the beach.  Yes, Chicago does have a beautiful beach.

Looking back at my life's voyage,  I can only say that it has been a golden trip...