Jun 1, 2014


Remember when you just shut up and went away?
Now is a good time...

Hello everyone.  I do appreciate you visiting my blog and to the many who leave comments, 
thank you.  To the many who leave not so welcoming comments (spam) I am asking you to
please stop.  Most of these comments are inappropriate and downright offensive.

Lately I have stopped commenting because it seems that only increases the spam
comments.  Thankfully the span goes into a spam folder, but of course not
always.  Just yesterday, I noticed that many of these comments were not contained
to the spam folder.  Took me quite a long time to delete them.  Hopefully I got
most of it.  These comments are sexually explicit.  Not necessarily directed to
 anyone in particular, but downright offensive to the readers and to me.

If you are trying to be cute, it's not working.  Comments where you 
disagree with me or find whatever it is I say not to your liking does 
not bother me, but the explicit and offensive sexual comments do not belong here. 

Hopefully I have managed to prevent many from being published.  But if for some 
reason you see one here, it's because I missed it and was unable to delete it.

Unfortunately, it seems all the comments have been heading straight into the
 spam folder.  This has made it necessary for me to limit who can comment.
I can always be reached @:

Thanks all and enjoy your day.
Remember, minds are like flowers, 
they only open when the time is right.

Yes, I understand you are giving an honest opinion.
Yes, there is still a line between being honest and being rude and offensive...