Jan 3, 2015

Here Is To 2015...

2015, this year should be better...

So far 2015 is going good.  We have had quite a lot of rain of January 1st.  Arvid said, "what
 a terrible start of the year."  I said if you look at it the other way you might think that all of 
the "not so good" of 20114 was being washed away to give us afresh start.  Many 
ways to interpret things.  I choose to see it in a good light. Rain or
no rain we still had fun and we managed to do many things.

Usually on New Year's Eve Arvid and I never really go out.  We choose to stay home with
Brutus and make sure he does not get really scare with the sounds of all the fireworks
going off.  This year of course we made plans to go see the ball drop, but the
rain washed away that thought.  Yes it started raining on New Year's Eve.

Arvid and I did our first shopping on New Years day, and it was at his insistence.  He wanted
 to go to Sawgrass Mills and and check out the sales.  Truth is we found what we
 were looking for right away. I have taught him well and he know what he
should by and that's exactly where we went and what we did.

After being worn out by shopping both him and I we just relaxed in The Rainforest Cafe.
Always nice to have a little nibble and something to drink.  Then we did what we
liked best, we people watched.  Lots to see when one is sitting.  Lots of fun!

Hope your 2015 also started out on a good note and that from this day on it
only gets better.  Another year and as they say 365 days to get it right.
Well 2 of those is already done so hope it's been good so far.

2014 has ended.  A new year now begins, bringing with it new hope,
 aspirations, resolutions and excitement.  Bring it on!!!!

May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early!
 My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall...