Jan 16, 2015

Life...It's Good

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things...

It is absolutely peaceful and relaxing to be here. Arvid cannot stop saying how much he loves
 being here and how good it is to not have the phones ringing and to be able to relax from 
emails and work.  We do have a laptop here, but we do mostly fun stuff.  I do my blog 
and pictures and Arvid has time to do things he does not really do when at home.

Breakfast is relaxing as we watch the people prepare the boats for their daily excursions. As I 
have once mentioned Arvid has given all the usuals names.  He said he is now like my dad. 
 You see from since we were little girls, my dad has always given all the neighbors a name. 
 A funny name that is.  To this day we know the neighbors by the name my dad 
gave to them.  His favorite is a guy he has named Bullet.  Bullet takes the
 trash out when the boats come back  from their daily tours. 
 It's exciting for Arvid to watch what goes on.

  Bullet not only takes trash, but he also grabs everything that fits in his pockets for himself 
and while doing that he also together with the other workers, drink what alcohol
 is left from the days trip.  Let me tell you quite a lot is still there.  As you can
 imagine the boat is PACKED with everything you can want to drink. 
 It takes more than the customers can drink.  Let's just say we see
 them loading it and it is a LOT!

In the mornings we like to go for a walk before the sun gets too hot.  Another thing we love
 about being here.  The walks are always interesting and you never know what can happen. 
Yesterday I tried to get a picture close to a Pelican, sadly the Pelican tried to bite me.
  Worst part was it was so fast Arvid missed the picture.  More days to 
try and get bitten and get a good picture.

Yesterday was soccer.  As Arvid watched I walked around some.  Had a Pina Colada
 by the beach and  enjoyed a few hours of just watching the Dolphins, the new 
addition of baby seals and all the other interesting sites around.  
I love my walks and my trips to the beach.

Food here is good and everything is just so very relaxing.  We have gotten to know the 
routines of many of the people so make for interesting times.  Right now watching the
 boats as they prepare for their daily tours.  Some of the guests show up very early
 and are already intoxicated and quite happy way before the trip begins.
  Interesting to see what goes on.  Not a dull moment.

To all a very good day.  Bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Maybe Chinese food today, because 
as Arvid says, "I could really fancy some rice right now."  Yep, he says that since 
being with me rice is now a favorite of his.  Well here life is relaxed and slow 
paced for a change.  We are loving it.  Just missing our Brutus, 
but we do get pictures of him everyday from Liliana.
We are happy.

I'm happy, and I think being happy keeps you looking young...