Jan 5, 2015

Getting Older

Grow old with me, the best is yet to come...

That quote best describes my parents.  Seeing them together with all of us in NC made me 
realize even more than ever that not only are they getting older, but so are we.  Their
children and grandchildren as well are getting older.  Scary thought,
 but a reality we all deal with.

I have heard of many a great love stories, but I have seen and lived through the one of my
 parents.  Life was not easy when they were young, and with 5 daughters you bet it did not 
get any easier.  There were times we barely had enough to eat, but even then, we 
were  happy.  Happy  because our parents were always there to
 reassure us that everything was going to be all right.

Being together this Christmas was the best Christmas present ever.  It made me appreciate 
them even more if that were possible.  Never does a day go by that I am not grateful to them
 and for having them as parents.  As they get older so do we.  Everyday I count as a
privilege to be able to wake up and to to be able to pick up the phone and 
hear my parents' voice.  Mostly mom's since our dad is not one to talk 
much on the phone.  Even so at least twice a week I hear his voice.

As we grow older so do our parents.  A little mere kindness, a little more patience.
They don't ask for much these days.  It just makes them happy to see their children 
and grand-children.  I know this goes for all parents in the world.

Seeing my parents I realized that you can't help getting older, but you sure 
don't have to get old.  We love you both more than you know.

Don't regret getting older.
It's a privilege denied to many...