Jan 7, 2015

This And That....

In the end we only regret the chances we did not take...

From little Brutus was fascinated by dental floss.
 To this day I cannot floss without him

trying to grab the floss from me.  Still makes me smile when I see this picture.

Good morning everyone.  Here in South Florida we are fortunate to be enjoying warm
 weather.  Sadly many are having terrible snow right now.  I am very concerned because 
my sisters have little kids who take the school bus and 
the roads are very slippery and dangerous.

The kids are loving the snow as are the doggies.  Even my sister does not seem to mind it too 
much.  Two of my sisters have lived in Florida and my parents also.  Every so often we 
ask them if they would choose to return and live here.  Sadly I always get the same 
answer, "NEVER."   The winter eventually gets to them, but still they 
would rather be where they are than come back to Florida.

I really wish they would, as Arvid says "it would be nice to have at least one of them here."
But all things considered, we are all happy where we are.  Another thing Arvid
and I agree on is that it's nice to have family around, but it is even better
when they do not live very close by.  Have seen what being too close
can do to some families and to good friendships.

Another busy day awaits us.  Arvid, well he is constantly on the move so nothing new
there.  Today I hope to go out again with Liliana.  Maybe another juicy topic
in store for us :) Hope so.   Maybe dinner out with good friends?

Well everyone here it is the start of a warm day.  Please stay warm everyone. Very
concerned for all of those today who are facing temperatures in the minus 2 digits.

Today's weather forecast, heavy showers with blessings.  Strong winds to blow
 your worries away, followed by warm hugs and kisses to put a smile on your face....