Jan 11, 2015

Hello Sunday...Funday

If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you:
 I came to live out loud...

For us here it is a weekend of cars and more cars.  This is the weekend of the yearly car
auction in Fort Lauderdale.  Usually many of our Norwegian friends come and buy
 up quite a bit.  This year though the US$$ is quite high so will see how it goes.

Arvid loves cars, but he is nowhere as fanatical as many of our friends.  Arvid goes 
to the auction, but just for a few hours.  Our friends are there from open to close. 
 Though one friend in particular said he was not buying he has already started 
accumulating cars even though he owns more than he needs.

Our usual Sunday took place yesterday.  That is since Arvid is busy with the car auction
 today we did our quality, relaxing outing yesterday. Very good time it was.

Today is a little breezy, but warm.  Arvid will be at the auction which means I get to do
 whatever I want and that can also be fun.   Last night we went to see Taken 3 
sadly all times were sold out.  Such a bummer!  Another time it will be.

To all a very good day, and start living your life fearlessly.

Do anything, but let it produce joy!...