Jan 9, 2015

Feeling Good....

I feel good today.
Thank you all for taking the time to make me smile...

Had my procedure done yesterday.  Sadly the longest part was the waiting.  Once I actually 
got to the "room" I was given anesthesia, which burned like hell.  Tried to pull it off,
but got yelled by the doctor.  I yelled right back, but within seconds I must have
drifted off to sleepy land because the next thing I know I was trying to 
jump out of the bed.  The nurse freaked and said how come I woke 
up so early. I said, "I want to go home now."

I asked her how come all the other people in the recovery room were snoring so hard.
Made me suspicious that I was not given enough anesthesia, but all's good that ends
well.  The procedure took place, I felt nothing, had my apple juice and was
driven home by Arvid.  All I knew was I had a bad taste in my mouth.

In simple words, the doctor put a camera inside of me.  Went trough my mouth, to my
 stomach looking for abnormalities.  As of now they said none were grossly visible. Some 
 was sent out for a biopsy to rule out cancer.  Now to wait, but I'm cool with it.

The day before my little procedure I went to breakfast with Liliana.  As you can imagine,
we had a very entertaining time.  She met me at our place and we then walked to the beach. 
 She made me laugh the entire time.  Was a beautiful day and we had a blast.

That same evening we had dinner with some very good friends.  Made for a close to perfect
day.  Now today not sure what's happening, but for sure it will be entertaining. To all
of you, have a good day.  Remember that in live we cannot control everything.

Feeling good, do not even feel like I had tissue scraped from me cause I feel no pain.
 I appreciate all the kindness and thoughtfulness from all of you.  Thank you.
I'm good and back to "normal"  Now to wait for the results of the biopsy.

Happy Friday everyone and CHEERS to a good weekend!

 Again, thank you.  The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.

I enjoy life when things are happening. 
I don't care if it's good things or bad things. That means you're alive...