Oct 28, 2015


That random flashback which brings back painful
memories and breaks your heart all over again...

Last night I had a dream.  When I woke up this morning, I had forgotten all about it.
As I was having breakfast, I suddenly got flashbacks of my dream.

Nothing I could really piece together.  Just little details of people laughing and
vague images.  Struggle as I did, I was never able to recall much of the
dream, all I know was that it left me feeling sad.

I then got caught up in many other things forgetting all about the dream.
After lunch, I was doing the stuff again.  Suddenly I get the flashback again.
This time I was able to "see" a little more of the dream.  Why was I suddenly sad?
I really don't know.  I can't explain it, but for some reason my eyes started tearing up.
Before I knew it I was crying, and even though I tried to remember more, 
nothing came to me.  California brought back many memories.

 What I did remember was a house, a backyard with flowers.  I also
saw a man.  Not very tall.  Well dressed, big smile, very blue eyes
and most of all I remember a head full of blond hair glistening like gold.

I knew him.  At least I did in another lifetime.  I tried to talk
to him.  To make him look at me, but he did not recognize me.
I cried even more the second time.

The present and the past coexist, 
but the past shouldn't be in flashback.

Wishing you all good times.  Memories are life's way
of always keeping loved ones in our hearts.  Of cherishing what 
is most precious to us.  They are forever with us.  Guess we are lucky.

Goodbye Califorina.  It was a short visit, but I accomplished what I needed to.
Now it's time to head back home to Brutus and stay there forever.  Right now 
I don't want to ever travel again.  Just stay put at home

When someone you love become a memory, 
that memory becomes a treasure.