Oct 16, 2015

Friday Again...

Happy Friday!  Let the weekend begin...

Today I am excited because I am expecting a phone call from one of my friends from
far far away.  You can say from the other side of the world.  We have a "date" with each other.

Friday already.  Arvid still not 100% at his best and I do not feel like going anywhere.
Hopefully today we will just take it easy and relax at home with Brutus.  When Brutus 
is not at his best I am always stressed.  The last few days have been stressful.

The last few days I have had many doctors appointments.  Yes they have begun again. I have 
also had tons of blood work.  Not crazy about that either.  But now it's done, at least for
 this month.  Next comes my appointment with the endocrinologist to see how I have 
progressed in the last year with medications and side effects.  Still have a weight problem.

Yesterday Brutus was supposed to go to the vet.  More like I wanted to take him, but I listened 
to the voice of reason.  In this case Arvid.  He claims that because I am stressed Brutus feels
 it and reacts accordingly.  All of this I know, but when i see him not eating what else to do, but 
get worried?  Especially since he needs to eat in order for me to give him his medications.

Yesterday was stormy but beautiful.  We were out driving, working and as always
I have my camera handy.  These days I manage only with the IPhone camera.
It takes great pictures and it is always ready and conveniently handy to get to.

To all a good day and may this be the start of a great weekend ahead.

Dear week.  I'm so over you,
 I'm leaving you for your best friend...WEEKEND...