Oct 3, 2015


If plan "A" didn't work.  The alphabet has 25 more letters.
  Stay cool. Life is good...

When I went back to Florida to bring Brutus, Arvid was busy.  He surprised me with quite
 a few things, and last night once again he surprised me with tickets to a concert.  
Seems like Mark Knopfler was always someone of interest for  Arvid, and so
 he got the tickets and we went.  The Chicago Theater is one of my favorite 
paces.  It's beautiful on the outside and more so inside.

How to describe the concert? Hmmm... the man sure can play the guitar. I
did not know many of the songs except for one. called Sultans of Swing which Arvid
plays on the jukebox back home in Florida.  Other than that most of it sounded like
Irish music. not bad, but different.  I enjoyed it so much that I fell asleep during the concert.

Today is our last Saturday here in Chicago, and even though the weather is cold and
 windy, we know we are going to miss it very much.  Like I said before, this summer we mostly 
worked to get the apartment to our liking.  We did quite a lot as well, but as Arvid said 
"next summer we have to check out the parks more.  Now I can't wait for next summer."

Saturday morning means soccer to Arvid be it here in Chicago or Florida.
Many games going o so he is busy and he loves it.  I have not yet decided what
to do with myself.  I would like to out and walk around a bit,
 but at the same time it's too cold and windy for me.

Hopefully the day will get a little better and we will do something in the afternoon.
 We have plans, but we also don't like this cold weather. Happy Saturday to all.  Hopefully
your day is bright and sunny if not we still make the most of what we have.  Enjoy!

Relax.  It's the weekend.  Happy Saturday.
The toughest decision you need to make, bottle or draft...