Oct 2, 2015

Last Friday...

You know what they say about Chicago. 
If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes...

Sadly our days are now numbered here in the Windy City.  This is our last 
Friday until next summer.  Bittersweet.  Glad to be going back to the
 Sunshine State, but also sad to be leaving.

Not exactly sure what the day hods for us as yet, but whatever it 
is I am sure Arvid and I will have a good time.

Here is Chicago our days are relaxing and stress free.  I know as soon as 
we get back home to Florida it will be crazy and hectic again.

Our time here in Chicago has been pretty hectic as well.  We spent many of the 
days cleaning and fixing up our apartment making it more homey, cosy and comfy for us.

Chicago has one of the most unpredictable of weathers.  We have had many beautiful 
warm and sunny days.  We have also had  lots of rain and fog.  All together it has been good.

As always it has been a summer of creating memories and moments that we will
always remember.  makes looking forward to next year even more appealing.  Can't wait.

Happy Friday everyone.  Remember, life is a beautiful collage 
of priceless moments and memories, which when pieced all 
together creates a unique treasured masterpiece.

We didn't realize we were making memories
we just knew we were having fun..