Oct 24, 2015

The Day... Gold Digging..

Anticipation makes pleasure more intense...

Almost 8 hours on the road yesterday, but we made good time getting to Winnemucca. 
 We have the necessary tools to go digging for gold.  I am not feeling well.  This is
 truly the worst time ever to get the flu, fever, chills and a head that seems to be
 exploding no matter what I take or do.  We have been looking forward to this
 day for almost a year now and flu or not I am going to dig for gold.

At least I did  not have to do any driving yesterday.  We have with us a "tour guide."
The man is a bottomless encyclopedia of knowledge and we are absorbing quite a lot.
I catnapped quite a few times, but mostly was soaking in the views of the Nevada desert.

Maybe not the view for everyone, but for me it was just perfect.  Reminded me of living
in California.  The Joshua trees always have been a favorite of mine and the flower they 
produce is just beautiful.  This from a cactus that grows in the rocks basically. We saw
 wild life.  Coyotes, wild donkeys and horses and maybe antelopes tomorrow.

We got in last night to temperatures in the 50 F.  Tomorrow morning they will be dropping
 even more.  Can already feel my body protesting and wanting the sunshine again.

Good morning everyone.  Early start for us if we want to make it 
back to Vegas for a last evening out.  Depending of course how I feel.

What's life without a little suspense...