Oct 4, 2015

Tad Too Cold For Us...

Happiness is not a goal...it's a by-product of a life well lived...

I now understand why people who live in cold temperatures always talk about the weather.
Seems that Arvid and I are doing that also quite often.  Back in Florida we
rarely check the temperature.  It is either warm or hot but, not cold.  
Dress code is always shorts, T-shirts and flip flops.

Here in Chicago we check the temperature several times in the day to see when is the best
 time to go out.  See how to dress and see what is our window for warmth.  At least it is 
so as soon as October begins.  Yesterday we were so cold we cancelled our plans. 
 Was supposed to be our last time at Buddy Guys Legends for this summer.  Oh
well.  Today we also delayed our early start because for us it is still to cold.

Of course once we are in Florida we complain about how hot the weather is, but right now
both Arvid and I agree that we will take that heat rather than the cold.  We love Chicago,
but we love it in the summer.  Come fall we want to go back home to Florida.  For us fall
can easily be winter for all the difference it makes.  All we know is that it's cold!

Had a car rented for today to do some shopping- stocking up for next summer,
but as of right now it's a no go.  Hopefully tomorrow it is warmer and hopefully there
are no soccer games that Arvid HAS to see.  This was the main reason to cancel
today's reservation.  Cold temperatures just made a good excuse.

To all a very good day.  Stay warm and remember, do not spoil what 
you have by desiring what you have not.  Me included of course.

 Homewards bound too the Sunshine State soon.  Happy!

I'm feeling a little bit more relaxed now and a little bit happier...