Oct 22, 2015

Good Times...

Good times come and go, but the memories will last forever...

It sure is a pity Arvid and I never use the pool anywhere we go.  Heck we hardly
ever use the pool at home either.  The hotel has a beautiful pool and a great hot tub.

There are dozens and dozens of beautiful palms line the entrance and the entire grounds
 of the hotel.  They are all full bloom and green.  Looks better than the ones at home.

Yesterday I went o a humongous mall.  To be honest, it was a bit too much for me. 
 Could be because I was not feeling my best.  Still am not.  Even so I did
 manage to buy me a few things.  Even got Arvid a couple of things. 

 Good day for both of us,  He worked and I shopped for us.  Makes for two 
happy people.  In the evenings we get together, have a good meal, and some adult drinks.

I have done quite a bit of exploring these last two days.  My feet are sore 
from walking, but I am having a good time and .  Good morning 
everyone and may you also live in interesting times.

Best moments happen when they are unplanned...