Oct 18, 2015


Life is good.  Small things make me smile.  Good people make me
 laugh and amazing family and friends keep me blessed...

If you're looking for a good place to eat, you don't mind waiting, you don't mind sitting
 really close to each, and you don't mind that they bring you your food bits by bits,
 then Benihana's is the place to go to.  The food is really good and when you are
 in the company of friends who are not only nice, but also very interesting
 and entertaining then it's a win-win situation for everyone. 

 Yesterday evening we had such an outing.  We laughed, and we enjoyed good
 food maybe one too many mojitos for me, but we left satisfied and happy.

Yesterday as Arvid was watching one of his many soccer games on TV, I decided to
 go to the Galleria Mall.  Yes, I really like it there.  I have a few of my favorite stores right there. 
 One being the Michael Kors store.  Of course I decided to visit my friend Stephanie and 
check out their latest collection.  I have been a MK fan now for several years.

  Way before MK became that popular.  I still like it of course, but I was not really
 impressed with much of the new collection and I realized that the leather
 was really hard, not like Coach whose leather is very soft.

Before MK I was mainly a Coach girl.  My mom and sisters still prefer it than the MK
label and now I think I see why.  I saw the new Coach collection and I fell in love with it
right away.  The leather is amazing and the quality is so much better.  As of now I am 
taking a break from MK and returning to Coach.  Got my eyes set on a handbag.

Does not necessarily mean I am giving up all of my MK handbags.  Not happening.

In preparation for our upcoming trip, I also treated myself to a mani-pedicure. One 
feels so good to just pamper themselves and I am into some lighter colors these days.

Good morning everyone.  Brutus and Arvid still asleep.
  I'm enjoying my cafe. Life is good right now.

Life is only as good as you decide to make it.
So stand up, be BOLD, and don't let everyone else define it...