Dec 24, 2015

December 24th...

The happiest time of the year, I will feel it soon...

Every December 23rd in Norway Victoria and Michael go to her grandfathers's
grave (Arvid's dad) and that of he grandmother (mom's mother.)  There they light a 
candle and she always include me in wishing him a Merry Christmas.  Thank you Victoria.

Arvid and I enjoyed a pleasant evening at the home of good friends.

Not much of a drinker, but last night the wine tasted good, and so did some other stuff 
the hostess made.  Norwegian traditional things so not exactly sure what it was, but I know
 it was good.  It was good to get out, drive by the beach and see Christmas everywhere.

Many celebrate Christmas today.  
Wishing you all the merriest of times today and everyday.

Mornings are still so quiet without you.  Not the same Brutus.
Time for me to have my cafe and some quiet time with my Brutus.  Mama misses
 you Brutus.  Everyday.  Miss my mornings with you Brutus.  Miss everything with you.  
Shadow is now growing fast and will celebrate his first Christmas with us. 

I know life goes on, but it's not the same without you
Sometimes the hardest thing in life is letting go...