Dec 12, 2015

Let's make It A Good Day...

Life is like a mirror.  It will smile at you if you smile at it...

No day of ours would be complete without Shadow jumping us, climbing us or as you
 can see wrapping himself around his daddy's leg.  Arvid is constantly on the lookout 
for Shadow.  Says sometimes he's afraid Shadow will jump him and bite him.

Like Brutus always did, Shadow is starting to wake up with me in the mornings.
Unlike Brutus, Shadow tries to take off when I open the balcony door. He's a runner 
and boy do we have to be careful with him.  Brutus did not want to go out; 
Shadow wants to do everything.  Yes, I know they are both different.

Have already had my balcony time for the morning.  Of course Shadow tried to
sneak out, but  got smart and carried a spray bottle with water.  No cats
 like being sprayed.  Hopefully for now that will hold him back.

Like Brutus, Shadow now is asleep on the sunbed.  Not for long periods, but at least
it is not empty all the time.  Looking forward to the Boat parade with friends tonight.

Good morning everyone.  Hope your day is filled with happiness, laughter,
love and everything that makes you smile.  Christmas is the time to be jolly after all.

Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a blessing.
Make each day, moment count for tomorrow is not given...