Dec 19, 2015

Rain..And More Rain

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude...

Arvid and I have contingency plans for just about everything.  At least we talk about what if,
 should so and so happen.  Facing life without Brutus, well there is no backup plan. 

 All we ever said was that we looked forward to at least 20 if not more years with Brutus.
  In this scenario we were cheated of 11 plus years.  As you can see life without Brutus is
 just not working out that great for me, but at the same time one keeps moving
 and moving cause if you stop you get knocked over by...LIFE itself.

Good morning everyone.  Today has not started out so good for me.  I was awake early
 and with that thoughts of Brutus takes up all my space.  It goes without saying that I 
am missing him all the time.  I just can't seem to get over that hump.

  He stole my heart and today I am a broken person.  Yes, before you say it AGAIN!!!
 I know he was just a cat, but in our world he was more than that.  As we went to 
sleep last night Arvid said to me (again); "you know I miss Brutus also,
 but I just can't think of him all day long because it will drive me crazy.  
He was our baby and our best friend and I will never forget him."

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here.  The air is always nice and cool in the mornings.
Sitting out inn the balcony is always quiet and all you hear are the birds and you see 
a few people walking their doggies.  Life goes on as it should.  Soon the people 
will start their daily routines and the business will begin. 

That in itself has it's charm because we have gotten to know many just by
 watching them.  Arvid loves to see the people come and go in the boats.
  Makes him happy and keeps him entertained and relaxed.

We had some good walks yesterday.  We saw Mexican Brutus in the evening.  Fed him 
and for a little enjoyed watching him.  The day had spurts of drizzle, but did not 
stop us from doing anything.  No soccer games yesterday, but even so we went to our 
favorite restaurant and had a delicious meal.  Life is good to us no matter what.

A new day begins.  Always with the promise of better things to come.
As always I embrace it and I try to always see the good in life.  I always do, it's just
 that right now I am having a very hard time understanding why Brutus died.

Good morning everyone.  We now have a Starbucks location in our area.  Not something
 I do even back home, but here it gives me the opportunity to get out early in the mornings.
  Some mornings when I need to clear my head more than others.  Another beautiful 
day begins.  Let's think of the possibilities that await us and make it count.

Hello rainy Saturday.

Rainy days are perfect to cuddle and watch TV...